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Praise for Myerscough’s IAG provision in matrix assessment

Tuesday 5 Dec 2023

Myerscough College and University Centre has been highly praised for the quality of its information, advice and guidance.

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The matrix Standard is a unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals. Continued accreditation under the matrix Standard provides national recognition of the quality of the service delivered and is measured every couple of years.

Myerscough underwent a two-day reassessment of accreditation under the matrix Standard which reviewed IAG throughout the College, and to all areas of provision. The assessor spoke to dozens of members of staff and students across a range of subject areas and College services, to compile a comprehensive report.

The Assessor commented how we easily met the Standard, but really surpassed it in many areas.

These include:

Commitment from Leaders to the importance of high quality IAG.

EDI (ethnicity, diversity and inclusion) is valued in our dealings with recipients, staff and partners.

Staff and recipients feel safe.

A culture of wellbeing exists.

The skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications are established for each role delivering IAG.

Effective links are made with others that enhance the IAG offer.

The organisation uses its resources effectively to deliver IAG.

Activities are in place to reach the defined recipient groups. (SEND, Careers, Apprentices, Community Groups.)

An evidence base is captured to evaluate the IAG Management and Delivery. (IAG Strategy Documents, Progress Coaches, Industry partnerships, everyone’s SARs, QIPs and plans.)

The evidence base is used to develop the IAG service.

The accreditation lasts for the next three years.

IAG is delivered by curriculum staff on pastoral, industry-specific and qualification-specific topics and by centralised support staff on more general careers, finance and welfare matters at all stages of the student journey.

Myerscough College has developed an ongoing strategy outlining a commitment to build and enhance the brand and reputation for excellence within the land-based, engineering & sports sectors, to provide an outstanding teaching and learning experience, to inspire excellence, and deliver great value for money.

You can find out more about the matrix Standard here