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University Centre Myerscough is proud of its commitment to original research. We believe that our teaching and learning, particularly at higher education level, should be underpinned by strong scholarly activities; the pinnacle of which is the Centre's pioneering research programme.

University Centre Myerscough has more than 30 lecturing staff actively engaged in research projects, often working alongside teams of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Relevant research helps to maintain the University Centre Myerscough's position at the forefront of the industries it serves, whilst also adding value and diversity to our curriculum content and styles of teaching. The University Centre's research specialisms are:

  • Sports Performance
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Arboriculture
  • Animal Welfare and Equine Performance
  • Teaching and Learning

Research projects are currently funded by the University Centre, with external funding from government departments, private companies and individuals when available. The University Centre is gaining a good reputation in industrial, governmental and academic circles for the research work it undertakes. We host a popular annual research conference (open to students) to highlight our work. Much of this work is undertaken in collaboration with other Higher Education Institutions including the University of Central Lancashire, Lancaster University, The University of Manchester, Anglia Ruskin University and The University of Liverpool.

Our recent Research publications include the following: UCM Research Publications

Research activity at Myerscough is structured under three centres:


The Centre for Research in the Welfare of Managed Animals

The College and its partners are leaders in the field of equine biomechanics research. Horse motion and movement can be significantly affected by the venue surface. Using expertise gained across a range of disciplines (including sportsturf and ecology), the team uses 3D digitisation-techniques and a biomechanical horse limb to assess the effects of changing surface conditions on equine movement. This team is assessing the surfaces used at several prestigious international equestrian events. Students from a range of disciplines have the opportunity to be involved in this exciting research. Further studies are investigating the factors which affect animal behaviour and equine performance in competition. Does success stem from the motivation of the horse-rider or motivation of the horse; and how can we influence this? What influence does the external environment have directly prior to competition?

The Centre for Research in Sustainable Agriculture and Arboriculture

In the agriculture and horticulture sectors we’re addressing sustainable production, following the Government Chief Scientist’s clarion call for the need for greater food production from less land, using less energy and consuming less water. This also links to coping with future climate change and the question over whether we can maintain ecologies that will support the earth’s biodiversity.

The Centre for Research in Sports Performance

Research in sports performance includes projects that assessed the sources of motivation amongst adolescent elite golfers and the use of imagery routines for rugby, golf and football. This motivational research also expands into the area of equine sports and the early influences experienced by young participants in The Pony Club. There are new projects utilising GPS tracking to quantify the physical demands of youth football and, secondly, to analyse the effectiveness of training methodologies in preparing players for the rigour of match play.

For more information about research undertaken at University Centre Myerscough and how you can get involved please contact Zulakha Desai, Assistant Principal Higher Education, on 01995 642291, or email