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Animal Studies




University Centre Myerscough is proud of its commitment to original research. We believe that our teaching and learning, particularly at higher education level, should be underpinned by strong scholarly activities; the pinnacle of which is the Centre's pioneering research programme.

University Centre Myerscough has more than 30 lecturing staff actively engaged in research projects, often working alongside teams of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Relevant research helps to maintain the University Centre Myerscough's position at the forefront of the industries it serves, whilst also adding value and diversity to our curriculum content and styles of teaching.

We host a popular annual research conference (open to students) to highlight our work. Much of this work is undertaken in collaboration with other Higher Education Institutions including the University of Central Lancashire, Lancaster University, The University of Manchester, Anglia Ruskin University and The University of Liverpool.

Our recent Research publications include the following: UCM Research Publications